Monday, 9 August 2010

Luna's August $70+ Goodie Bag Giveaway

The Goodie Bag:

The PRIZES in the Bag are:

A hand made Charm bracelet created by Burning Moon [Me! Its a $20 Value]
A Butterfly Scrabble Tile Pendant created by Burning Moon [Me!]
1 Brown Mascara from TCW
1 Thing of blush [Has 3 colors] from TCW
1 Stick of chap stick [Store bought]
1 Five shade Pink NYC eye shadow
2 Mineral eye shadow samples from Miology
1 Jar of Lotus Blush by Alima Pure ~
1 Jar of Raven eyeshadow by YoungBlood
1 small .1 OZ Mosturizing skin cream from Yu-Be
A small red gel pen
A small Purple stripped note pad
A small Trial bottle of Pantene Pro-V daily moisture shampoo
1 Sample of Beauty Scoop
Balancing Facial Lotion from Lilly Organics
4 samples of skin care creams by DermaE
2 Gnu food bars by Gnu
1 energy Bar -Chai with Almonds by Bumble Bar1 Clear Medium BraBarette
1 Reusable Bag by Feelzgood ~
1 Key FOB by Kooky Clickers
1 Smiling Feet gel ball of foot cushions by Kiwi Shoe Care
1 Pocket sized Spray hand Sanitizer[Calming Lavender] by Purmist ~
1 Pear Tree blank Greeting Card by Pear Tree ~

A ~ Means the review/giveaway for that company will be up soon

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