Thursday, 25 November 2010

Spa basket Giveaway!

A lovely spa Giveaway from Etsy Shop "Blissfull Spa". holding by Jenny to celebrate the opening of her new  shop 
This amazing collection
2010_01290006.jpg picture by kornkrazed_photos

This giveaway is valued over $20! This is what's included:

*Black Cherry Pure Soy Candle: This candle has a VERY amazing scent throw both hot and cold! It smells like plump ripe cherries ready to be picked. It will have your mouth watering in no time! This comes in a 4 ounce keepsake jar. 20 + hours of burn time.
*Black Cherry Soy Tart Melts: These melts are made of pure soy and have a VERY amazing scent throw. These are to be used in a tart melter. There are 2 - 2 ounce melts. Each melt will give you approx. 15 + hours of burn time.
*Black Cherry Body Lotion: This lotion is a wonderful moisturizer. It will leave your skin soft and silky, (never greasy!) while leaving behind a wonderful cherry aroma. This is a 4 ounce bottle.
*Black Cherry Body Spray: This body spray is formulated to give your skin a boost of moisture and wonderful scent that will last all day! It only takes a few sprays so you can expect this 4 ounce bottle to last you a very long time!
*Cherry Lip Balm: This all natural lip balm is just amazing! It will leave your lips feeling silky smooth and soft. It is also a great weather barrier against the wind and the cold.

DEADLINE:  December 4th


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